The patented SMART Copyright process automates and significantly reduces the unit cost of registration by US Copyright Services.


SMART Copyright uses the same Copyrighted works feed management technique as the Press IPTC Core News version used in thousands of newsrooms and content producers.


Declaration of creation and timestamped recording

The declared creation deposited online or placed in the cloud folder assigned to the author by the Copyright Services will be timestamped and archived in compliance with World-class standards.

The author will be vested immediately and originally with the copyright on his creation.


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Recordings, more info...

Records of author(s) creation

The declared author is vested with the original title of copyright. The authors of a joint work are co-owners of the copyright on the work. In the case of a declaration of “work made for hire”, the employer, the principal, the sponsor are deemed to be the author.

Reference texts: USA 17.U.S.Copyright §201 Bern Art.5


Registration and time stamping in the USA: First levels of copyright protection

As received (web or cloud ) your creation is registered and timestamped according to World-class legal protection criteria imposing certain date ISO/IEC 18014-4* certification.

    • The recording of the creation declared online or deposited in the author’s cloud folder will be instantly saved and timestamped (24/7/365).

(*) Useful for its speed, the electronic signature of a digital file does not meet the requirement of a certification of a copyright in its duration – 70 to 120 years – and its universality. Only paper certifications (hard certificate) can constitute, before the courts of all countries, prima facie evidence bearing certain date registered by the Copyright Office and/or upon legal deposit of fixation or publication.

Equivalence by country of an electronic certificate compared to a paper version.

Read §4: Certification of your rights ‘Author

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Author credentials

In order to comply with copyright laws, simplify procedures and prohibit any identity theft, only an author (natural person or organization) whose identity has been verified or who has an ISNI identifier can use our services. and those of our partners.
  • Our SMART offers include the creation of an ISNI author account after the first periodic deposit:
    • The ISNI record of the public identity(s) used by the author to place their works under the protection of US copyright and its national laws;< /p>

    • the declaration of an author account by us with Copyright Services and the assignment by the latter of standardized ISNI identifiers to simplify protection procedures;

    • The International Standard Name Identifier (ISNI) is a unique identifier for entities, natural or legal persons, having contributed to media such as books, art catalogs , television and audiovisual programs, press articles, online services, photos…

  • Standardized identifiers:
    • make the author of the creation, identifiable, without risk of homonymy, in the long term and on an international scale;

    • allow the declaration of creations online or via the “cloud”: 24/7/365, for a very reduced cost;

    • guarantees traceability of archived documents in accordance with SSAE 16, ISAE 3402 (US) and ISO 14641-1 (FR, EU) standards.

For a person or organization using multiple author names (e.g. real name, pseudonym, trademark, trade name) a separate author record should be associated with each identity public   used. Each author may use several “Public Identity” to sign their works, without generating errors or duplicates, when indexing by organizations third parties: Library of Congress, Copyright Office, BnF, VIAF, ISNI, ISBN…


Fixation, publications and Copyright Office certificate

Second level of protection, the fixation of the work on a "tangible support" is an essential criterion of copyright.

Third level of protection, the legal deposit (INSS, ISBN) of the author's "Nomenclature of creations". These two protections maintain the confidentiality of the creations.

Public access to the publication(s) or registration thereof with the Copyright Office will only be made after the formal agreement of the author.

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Fixation, Publications, Certificates More info...

The criterion of fixation on a « tangible medium » stems from the US Constitution which provides an exclusive right to « writing » of an author without the work being actually reproduced or distributed. A fixed work will only be accessible to the public when the author expresses his will.
Under European law « the incorporation » of a work of the mind on a material support or not is an essential criterion of the « reproduction ».

  Reference texts: USA   17.U.S.Copyright §102     //  France    CPI Art. L-122.2      Art. L-213.1  //  Bern Convention   Art.2  

Time Stamping and Fixing: First Levels of Copyright Protection

The fixation on a tangible medium  is carried out through the Cloud Copyright space reserved for the Author in compliance with deadlines, ISO procedures and the texts in force. The publication Nomenclature of creations which periodically lists your creations will be subject to legal deposit (ISSN or ISBN).

    After receiving your agreement (BAT):
    • The date of fixing and the legal deposit of the nomenclature with the Library of Congress will constitute the starting date of the protection of your copyrights.
    • The publication certificates issued by the publisher include all the information necessary to demonstrate your rights: Offprint, ISSN or ISBN reference, copyright registration number issued by the Library’s Copyright Office of Congress.
    • The author’s work may be registered by name with the Copyright Office. It is important to emphasize that registration is not essential for the exercise of copyright. However, it will be very useful for the introduction of actions for infringement or for the registration of the transfer of rights with the Copyright office.
    • Read §5: Publication & legal deposit

  The fixation maintains the confidentiality of the creation.

A fixed work will only be accessible to the public when the author expressly expresses his will, materialized by registration at the Copyright Office, publication, reproduction, sale…    (US)  17.U.S.Cop. §106-3    (France)   Art. L-121.2 du CPI 

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